My name is Diane S Lee.  I am a writer of 7th taste blog and a founder of 7th taste gourmet olive oils.  In the past 25 years, I have lived and traveled all around the world from Asia to Europe to Africa to Latin America to North America.  In my journeys, I loved getting exposed to the distinct food traditions of many different regions.  Once home in the San Francisco Bay Area, my curious nature lead me to continually experiment with new dishes and new flavors.  In late 2011, my 7th taste gourmet olive oil line, which infuses fresh California extra virgin olive oil with real spices (i.e. no artificial flavorings or mimic extracts), developed from my kitchen experimentation.  My everyday guiding cooking principle is to recreate unforgettable meals I had in my journeys around the world using fresh local ingredients.  I also love to make my favorite recipes taste better with 7th taste gourmet olive oils.  While further expanding my cooking repertoire with the discovery of new tastes,  I am thrilled to share great meal ideas with other adventurous home chefs.  I look forward to turning everyday meals into something extraordinary for both family & friends.  Bon Appétit!

Diane’s Contact Email:  diane@7th-taste.com

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  1. Melissa Rosen says:

    Congrats Diane,

    This is wonderful! I was salivating as I read your blog. It’s not just a recipe but the descriptions by a true food and wine enthusiast. I can’t wait to prepare the dishes.

    Hope that all is wonderful in your world. Please call me when you come to LA. I miss seeing you.


  2. Colleen R. Brathwaite says:

    Hi Diane,
    I love your blog. The food is great and the travel info is really enticing. Way to go!


  3. Cinti says:

    Hi Diane,

    Loved you recipe for Belgium Mussels! I love the International flavor of your blog. It’s an appropriate testament to your travels. Thanks for sharing..


  4. Kabir Syed says:

    Hi Dianne
    Good to see you are following your passion.


  5. Annabelle from Thunderbird says:

    I enjoy reading your reviews which include the cultural influences from your childhood, as well as the historical influences in the regions you visit. Great idea for a blog.

  6. Adnan Shamsi says:

    Lovely site Diane, I am getting out a wok and picking up a bunch of prawns tomorrow, Bon Appetit!!

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  8. Renita says:

    Bravo Diane!

  9. So great to meet you! These recipes with olive oil are amazing!ngood luck!

  10. Dear Diane,
    It was great to meet you at the IFBC. Just wanted to send you a quick “Hello” from Colorado and tell you that I have not forgotten about the Sauerbraten recipe.
    Lets stay in touch.

  11. Sanghee Kim says:

    정말 자랑스럽다 친구야,
    아침부터 너의 블로그를 찬찬히 읽어 보았어.
    아직 다 읽진 못했지만 이 곳에 너의 모든 것이 담겨있음을 느꼈다.
    일부러 한글로 올려보는데 네가 볼 수 있을지는 모르겠네.
    나만 볼 수 있는건 아닌지^^…
    지금처럼 늘 행복해라.

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