Vanilla Brownie Ice Cream Drizzled with Lavender Olive Oil

Lavender is like “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide”. While its scent evokes a sense of relaxation and calmness, its flavor wakes you up with a peppery and minty kick that has a sweet and floral flavor with lemon and citrus notes. In the last several months, I have had tons of fun making savory dishes with my lavender olive oil in my California kitchen. The oil’s blended flavors of mint, rosemary and evergreen, with its buttery texture and floral notes, have given a great depth of flavors to my dishes. Today, experimenting beyond savory dishes, I’ve decided to drizzle a bit of my lavender olive oil on top of vanilla brownie ice cream on this hot summer day.

Wow. How well my lavender olive oil pairs with the bitter sweet brownies, sweet aromatic vanilla and creamy rich ice cream! Like yin and yang, the sweetness of this ice cream gets beautifully contrasted by the peppery-ness of my lavender olive oil. The mysterious scents and flavors of the lavender olive oil also give a wonderful mouth feeling of “coolness” and “freshness” in every bite. This experiment turns out to be great fun on a hot day like today. If you’re having ice cream this summer, try it with my lavender olive oil as a topping. It will excite your palate and may even help cool down the heat a bit. Enjoy! Happy Summer!

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