Lavender Yogurt Chicken Kabob

In this Summer BBQ season, what is your favorite way to cook the chicken? A friend of mine likes to marinate it with vinegar to add flavor and make the meat tender, while another friend prefers to rub her own dry spice mix on the meat before grilling. I also have a couple of friends who pick up a sugar-loaded, conveniently-packaged bottle of BBQ sauce from a store and brush it on the meat before throwing it on to the hot charcoals. For me, one of my favorite ways to BBQ the chicken is to marinate it in a “sugar-free” yogurt-olive oil sauce before grilling. Not only does this marinade add tons of delicious flavors to the chicken, but it also tenderizes the meat very nicely. I also like to put small cuts of the chicken meat on skewers when I cook outdoor. It’s a lot of fun to pick it up with hands and eat with no mess, no fuss. With that thought, last weekend I made a lavender yogurt chicken kabob to eat outdoor on a beautiful, sunny California afternoon. It came out so soft and juicy that I’d decided to share my simple BBQ recipe here.

To start, in a bowl, mix 1 cup plain yogurt, ¼ cup 7th taste lavender olive oil, 2 garlic cloves (crushed), juice from a ½ lemon and some sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste. Then, add 2 lbs skinless, boneless chicken thigh/breast (cut into 2 inches cubes) to the sauce and coat them with the sauce. Then, cover the bowl and let the chicken marinate for about an hour (or overnight up to 12 hours) in the refrigerator. Next, thread the chicken pieces on the skewers and grill the meat for about 15 minutes until all sides are lightly browned. Before serving, garnish with some parsley.

This chicken is so good that it’s really hard to stop eating them. The yogurt’s creaminess, the lemon’s tanginess and the lavender olive oil’s floral buttery-ness are perfectly infused into each chicken piece. It has such a rich mouth feel, while at the same time the refreshing lemon flavors cut through the richness of the chicken and olive oil. And what an interesting dimension the floral notes adds to each bite! I can’t believe how moist and tasty all these chicken pieces come out! Next time when you’re grilling, consider this super-easy recipe. It will make a lot of people happy at your cookout get-together, especially folks who are on “sugar-free” diet. Enjoy the recipe and happy cooking!

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