Curried Shrimp Noodles

Just like every Korean household has its own Kimchi recipes, every Indian family has its own curry blends. The curry mix usually includes coriander, turmeric, cumin, cayenne pepper, ginger and garlic, but some family adds other spices like fennel seed, caraway, cinnamon, clove, mustard seed, cardamom and nutmeg. My first introduction to curry wasn’t Indian. It was a Korean version called “curry rice”, a thick curry apple stew made with beef, potato, carrots and onion and served with steamed white rice. Hearty and heavy, what a great dish it is for cold weather. But, if you live in a warm place and are in the mood for something a bit lighter and aromatic, try some tropical East African coconut curry or herbaceous Thai curry. The complex curry blend is so full of flavors that it is such an easy way to spice up many dishes from pilaf to salmon to noodles to potato. Today, I’m making delicious Shrimp Curried Noodles, which you can cook in just 30 minutes with only 7 ingredients, wherever you live and whichever household you live in.

First, I soak a 14 oz packet of rice noodles in warm water until softened, drain water out and coat with 7th taste curry olive oil. Separately, I de-shell 2 dozen shrimp and boil the shell in water for 15 minutes to get one cup of very rich shrimp stock. Then, I heat some 7th taste curry olive oil in a pot and stir fry 5 crushed garlic cloves (~1 Tablespoon), 1 large onion (chopped) and 3 Anaheim peppers (cut in julienne style) until onion color turns translucent. Then, I add 1 cup shrimp stock, shrimp and rice noodles to the mixture to cook for 5 minutes and season with some sea salt to taste.

This delicious noodle dish has a great earthy flavors with a nice kick of heat. The sweetness of shell fish beautifully rounds off the robust, buttery curry olive oil. Mild and crunchy, Anaheim pepper also gives an interesting texture variation to the dish, while adding a sweet, gentle heat to it. As you dig in the dish, you’ll notice that the heat gradually comes back from the back of your throat and gently warms up your body. This is an awesome “hassle-free” dish you and your family will love any day of the week. Enjoy the recipe, and happy cooking!

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