Avocado Soup with Prosecco

When I was a student at UC Berkeley, I had a housemate who was a big fan of avocado. He was literally eating avocado every single day and went especially crazy every Spring with the arrival of the California avocado season. One balmy evening in March, one of my mischievous housemates made a big bowl of horseradish-based, green “wasabi” and told my “avocado fan” housemate that he had made delicious guacamole with fresh Californian avocados. With a big smile, the “avocado fan” put a spoonful of the “guacamole” in his mouth. His face immediately turned red like fire, and he started gulping water like a big dolphin. We were so mean, but we couldn’t stop laughing at his “big smile” turning into “big tears” within seconds. Ever since that incidence, I think of my college housemates every avocado season. The other day, I saw tons of Californian avocados in season at Berkeley Bowl, so, I picked some up to make a real avocado soup in honor of my college housemate, to whom I’d like to say “I’m sorry we teased you so badly.”

First, I put the leftover chicken bones, skin, wings and a ½ thigh into a slow cooker and cover with boiling water. Then I add 3 stalks celery (chopped), 1 large onion, 10 sprigs fresh parsleys, 3 carrot (chopped), 2 bay leaves, 10 black peppercorns and 2 teaspoons sea salt and let it simmer for a couple of hours. Separately, I peel and remove seeds of 4 large, ripe avocados and blend in a food processor with juice from a ½ lemon. Then I add 4 cups chilled chicken stock, 2 cloves garlic (crushed) and 1 teaspoon Tabasco sauce to the avocado mixture in a food processor and blend until smooth. Lastly, I garnish with a slice of lemon, parsley leaves and shredded chicken meat.

A spoonful of this avocado soup is nothing like the “tear-making” wasabi. The subtle tanginess and spiciness beautifully accentuates the creaminess of the avocado. And, the veggies in the chicken stock add layers of complex flavors to the soup base. This is a great alternative to gazpacho on a balmy Spring or Summer day.

I pair this avocado soup with a glass of Zonin‘s Prosecco Brut sparkling wine from Veneto, Italy. Its fresh, fruity flavors do not only bring out the vivaciousness of the lemon in the soup, but the wine’s delicate notes of almond also pair extremely well with avocado. What a pleasurable companion Prosecco is to this delicious avocado soup!

I hope a glass of “uplifting” Prosecco and “summer-y” avocado soup gives a “lift” to folks in stormy West Coast and snowy East Coast weather. For everyone else in warm weather, enjoy the refreshing Prosecco and the yummy avocado soup that would help you cool off! Happy cooking!

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