Juicy, Succulent 12 lbs Turkey Ready in 30 minutes!

I used to think that turkey tasted like dry “paper” which needed tons of gravy and sauces.  This week Mike’s brother’s family completely changed my perception of turkey meat.  They let me see how to deep fry turkey and how incredibly moist & tender turkey meat could come out.  I recapped what magic they did to the bird with step-by-step pictures below.  Enjoy!


Dry turkey with towel and inject spice all over the bird.  Heat grapeseed oil in a stockpot to 350 degrees F.  Slowly lower turkey into hot oil until it’s completely submerged. Deep fry turkey for about 30 minutes.   Remove the turkey from the pot and drain oil before serving.

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One Response to Juicy, Succulent 12 lbs Turkey Ready in 30 minutes!

  1. Dee Mendoza says:

    Yes! This was the first Thanksgiving that I had a deep fried turkey as well. Sooo succulent.

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