Luscious Chicken Cacciatore

Cacciatore means “hunter” in Italian. Chicken Cacciatore is a simple braised chicken dish prepared with tomatoes, onions, mushroom, herbs, bell pepper and wine for hunters traveling for several days in old Italy. In Southern Italy, this dish commonly includes red wine, while northern Italians prefer to use white wine.

My chicken cacciatore begins with avocado oil, which I find pairs extremely well with tomatoes. This buttery and fruity avocado oil is heated in a pot at a medium heat. Then 1 lb of skinless chicken breasts and 1 lb of skinless drumsticks (seasoned with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper) are added to the pot and cooked until all sides are seared. The reason I use both dark and white meats along with chicken bone is because the dark meat and bone adds deeper, more intense flavors than the white meat does.

I set aside the browned chicken. Adding more avocado oil to the pot, I stir fry onion (chopped), 4 cloves garlic(crushed), 1 red bell pepper (chopped), 1 pack mushroom (cut in half) and 1 lb of very ripe tomatoes (crushed) with some oregano, red chili flakes and a half cup of full body Sauvignon Blanc from Marborough, NZ. Then, the seared chicken parts are returned to the pot and covered. I then let the dish simmer for about 30 minutes to an hour.

The magic potion of my recipe is the use of buttery, fruity avocado oil, a mixture of dark and white chicken meats and bone, very ripe fresh tomatoes, and a full bodied Sauvignon Blanc to balance out the intense flavors.

Mmmm…. The broth was so intense and tasty that I felt like lifting up the bowl and drinking. And, the chicken meat was so moist, tender and flavorful that I even licked the bone! Thanks to the Italian hunters for coming up with such an amazing way to make a braised chicken dish. Who wants a bowl of Chicken Cacciatore on a chilly fall evening?

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  1. Mary Ann Blackwell says:

    I adore your blog, Diane! Your wonderful enthusiasm and creativity with food whets my appetite for more…more….looking forward to more creations…

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